Specialized In Tattoo Styles in Los Angeles

If you are searching all the tattoo shops Los Angeles has to offer for a specific tattoo style, all you need to do is drop by or book an appointment at the Darlin’ Rose Social Club. We have many artists for you to choose from specializing in a wide range of unique tattoo styles. We know that here you will find a tattoo artist that you will love! 

Neo-Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

Neo-Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

Neo-traditional tattoos are steeped in tradition, history, and meaning.  Our tattoo artists have an excellent grasp of the neo-traditional tattoo style. As one of the birthplaces of the neo-traditional style, you can only expect the best from our seasoned Los Angeles tattoo artists. Let us know what you are looking for or the message you want to convey, and we can help design the perfect piece. 

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American Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

American Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

Believed to have been first developed by sailors centuries ago, the inspiration for the patterns was the places and cultures they encountered during their voyages. By the 20th century, the traditional style had incorporated other sources of inspiration and techniques as tattoos became more mainstream. American traditional tattoos became more known for their straightforward style. They are characterized by bold lines and a few contrasting colors, mostly using saturated tones and bold shading.



Flash Tattoos in Los Angeles

Flash Tattoos in Los Angeles
Flash Tattoos in Los Angeles

Haven’t decided on a tattoo design or style yet? We have one of the widest ranges of fashionable flash tattoos in Los Angeles for you to choose from. From simple flash tattoos and traditional tattoos, to color flash tattoo styles, tribal tattoos, lettering tattoos, and fine-line tattoos, we have a variety of flash tattoo styles to suit your taste and style. The flash tattoo designs available in our Los Angeles tattoo shop are also offered to other tattoo artists.

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Fine Line Tattoos in Los Angeles

With distinct patterns or curved thin lines, our artists create fine-line tattoos with incredible details without gradations of color. If you want the maximum level of expression in skin art combined with subtlety, we can design the perfect fine-line tattoo just for you.

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Custom Japanese Tattoo Sleeves in Los Angeles

Custom Japanese Tattoo Sleeves in Los Angeles

Japanese culture has provided us with sublime forms and flows that are simultaneously balanced, serene, expressive, and incredible. Traditional Japanese tattoos  are symbols that have deep meaning and have served as symbols of superiority and beauty. Yet, they represent the balance and serenity that comes with strength.

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Traditional Japanese Tattoo in Los Angeles

Traditional Japanese Tattoo in Los Angeles

As a branch of the neo-traditionalist tattoo style, this take on the traditional Japanese tattoo style has become popular in Los Angeles and the rest of the country. Characterized by natural themes with bold colors and subtle flowing lines, they appeal to enthusiasts because of their strong expressiveness. Though the Japanese tattoo style is popular in Los Angeles as sleeve tattoos, they are also popular as full-chest, full-back, and even hip tattoos.

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Full Back Tattoo in Los Angeles

Full Back Tattoo in Los Angeles

Fondly called a mural, the back is the largest uninterrupted canvas on the body for self-expression. From mandalas, Chicano, portraits, blackwork, and many more, we can create a custom work of art for those brave enough to express themselves by getting their entire backs inked.




Custom Tattoos in Los Angeles

Custom Tattoos Los Angeles

 Flaunt your unique identity with a custom tattoo. We have the skills to provide you with the specific design you have in mind. We work closely with our clients to create a one-of-a-kind tattoo design that you can truly call your own.





Petite or Small Simple Tattoo Designs in Los Angeles

Petite or Small Simple Tattoo Designs Los AngelesSimple tattoo designs are a growing trend requested by clients in most Los Angeles tattoo shops. Our simple tattoo designs are perfect for clients who believe less is more and want to express themselves through simplicity and style.





Black and Gray Tattoos

Black and Gray Tattoos  Los AngelesDark, edgy, and expressive, black and gray tattoos never go out of style. Whether you are looking for traditional, realism, surrealism, tribal, or simple styles, we can provide you with the best black and gray tattoos in Los Angeles.






Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos Los AngelesWhether you are looking to memorialize a beloved pet or want to show off your inner animal, we can create a personal and expressive animal tattoo. We work hard to understand our clients deeply so that we can provide an animal tattoo that suits you perfectly.





Tribal Tattoos 

Tribal Tattoos Los Angeles
Rich in symbolism and meaning, tribal tattoos have been a way for cultures to express themselves for millennia, with symbols imbued with hidden meanings. Intricate and sophisticated, the tribal tattoo style can serve as a symbol of your culture or who you truly are. 





Floral, Rose, or Flower Tattoos

Floral, Rose, or Flower Tattoos in Los Angeles

Flowers have an innate beauty. They are one of the strongest expressions and symbols of femininity. A flower tattoo is an excellent way of expressing your own beauty and elegance or of capturing the spirit of a loved one who has been a source of inspiration. 




Lettering or Name Tattoos, Los Angeles

Lettering or Name Tattoos  Los Angeles

Whether it is a quote, a mantra, or the name of someone close to you, some words or names define our lives and who we are. Having letters etched in a specific type of lettering provides the maximum level of expression of love and meaning.






Chest Pieces & Chest Tattoos, Los Angeles

Chest Pieces  Chest Tattoos  Los Angeles

Have the symbols that mean much to you closer to your heart. Chest tattoos enhance and adorn your physique to give you a unique allure.  






Full Arm and Legs Sleeve Tattoo, Los Angeles

Specialized In Tattoo Styles in Los AngelesFull Arm and Legs Sleeve Tattoo  Los Angeles

Your arms and legs provide an excellent canvass for expressing through skin art. A sleeve tattoo can be of any style, color, or element that covers your entire arm or legs. Whether you prefer tribal patterns, traditional tattoos, or an expressive animal tattoo, we work closely with our clients to get the perfect designs to help you express who you are.    



Hip Tattoos, Los Angeles

Hip Tattoos  Los Angeles
Whether you choose floral patterns, mandalas, dot work tattoos, or animal tattoos, hip tattoos enhance your form and beauty and are an awe-inspiring and blissful way of expressing yourself.