Neo Traditional Tattoo in Los Angeles

A modern take on American traditional tattoo in Los Angeles

Neo-Traditional Tattoo Los Angeles

Neo-traditional tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo styles in America today. Neo-traditional tattoos are considered by many as the ultimate statement about your unique identity and your culture. Among all tattoo styles, neo-traditional tattoos are the perfect reflection of how tattoos have evolved. With flexible design choices and the considerable power they provide the tattoo artists through creative freedom, neo-traditional tattoos are artful renditions of themes that are meaningful to the bearer. 


What Are Neo-traditional Tattoos?


Neo-traditional tattoo is the evolved form of traditional American tattoos. With the introduction of more modern tools, better and longer-lasting pigments, and finer needles, neo-traditional tattoos developed in the 1980s. Though the themes adopted by neo-traditional tattoo artists are vast, neo-traditional tattoos conform to specific rules.

Neo-traditional tattoos resemble traditional American designs and themes. Still, they are set apart by additional design elements that more modern tattoo technology provides, such as a wider range of colors, finer lines, more intricate details, and stunning highlights. Neo-traditional tattoos have a more 3D look than traditional American tattoos. However, to distinguish neo-traditional tattoos from other tattoo styles, the most common traits of this popular style are the following:

  • Extensive use of black ink
  • Cleaner lines that vary throughout the tattoo
  • They have minimal shading
  • Bold outlines
  • Fewer colors but saturated in highlights

Some of the Neo-Traditional Tattoos You Can Get in Our Los Angeles Tattoo Shop

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Animal Portrait Tattoos

Animal Portrait Tattoos

Animal themes, such as tigers, eagles, and wild animals, are a staple of American traditional and neo-traditional tattoos. However, neo-traditional tattoos have evolved to become more flexible in creating animal portraits that are not typically seen in the traditional American style.




Tattoo Portraits of People

Tattoo Portraits of People

Improvements in technology and pigments have allowed artists to create more realistic portraits of people using techniques that are within the rules of neo-traditional tattooing.





Japanese-Themed Tattoos

Japanese-Themed TattoosJapanese culture has lent a heavy influence on the current style of neo-traditional tattoos. Natural designs and references taken from Japan are one of the most popular styles of neo-traditional tattoos today.





Nature-Themed Tattoos

Neo-Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

Plants, flowers, and nature are popular neo-traditional tattoo designs. The flexibility provided by improvements in pigments and tattoo machines allow tattoo artists to create natural patterns that are more vivid.




Skulls and Dark-Themed Tattoo Designs

Neo-Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

Skulls and dark themes surrounding death are preferred by certain clients. The rise of the gothic subculture has pushed this theme into the limelight, which has been eventually embraced by the mainstream, whether they belong to the subculture or not.





Why Get Your Neo-Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles? 


Los Angeles and the West Coast have significantly contributed to the rise of the neo-traditional tattoo style. Improving thick lines by using bolder color choices started with West Coast tattoo artists. The West Coast is a melting pot of various cultures contributing to the neo-traditional style. Here, design inspiration has also leaned toward Native American traditional patterns. Because of their location and cultural heritage, Los Angeles and Southern California helped give birth to the Chicano tattoo style that reflects heavy Aztec and Christian religious influences.

Another tattoo style that started to become popular in the area early in its development is the Japanese tattoo style. The development of both machines and tattoo artists’ skills have enabled bolder and more intricate patterns that wouldn’t have been possible in the past. Today, the vibrant and distinctive quality of tattoos developed and created by Los Angeles tattoo artists stands out. They can now create more realistic portraits and louder statements while still adhering to the rules that have made neo-traditional tattoos distinctive and popular for decades.


Book a Neo-traditional Tattoo Session, Now!

The Darlin’ Rose Social Club is at the forefront of creating the most aesthetically pleasing examples of neo-traditional tattoos. Our tattoo shop is a perfect haven where a community of like-minded people shares their enthusiasm for this exceptional art, which has a profound philosophy and is historically rich. Our artists relish the chance to share their thoughts with you and help you get the perfect neo-traditional tattoo. Book an appointment now for the ideal neo-traditional tattoo that best reflects your character and personal style, or call (323) 879-9407 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neo-Traditional Style Tattoos

Do Darlin’ Rose Social Club tattoo artists specialize in neo-traditional tattoos?

Though our artists specialize in a wide variety of tattoo styles, we have taken pride in creating excellent neo-traditional tattoos for our clients for years. Aside from neo-traditional styles with heavy American cultural references, we have created variations of the neo-traditional styles that suit our client’s unique styles and personalities.


Can you make me a name tattoo design using the neo-traditional style?

Yes! Name tattoos can be created using a variety of styles, including the neo-traditional style. With bold and loud colors, we can make the most expressive name tattoos for you in our Los Angeles tattoo shop.


Do Neo-traditional tattoos last longer than other tattoo styles?

Because of the bolder lines and more saturated color choices, neo-traditional tattoos may last longer than other tattoo styles. However, like in any tattoo, specific colors, such as purples and oranges, tend to fade sooner, regardless of style. To ensure that your tattoos last longer, you must strictly follow tattoo aftercare guidelines, especially for new tattoos. Avoiding frequent exposure to direct sunlight can also help make your tattoos last longer.