Japanese Tattoo in Los Angeles

Japanese Tattoo Los Angeles

Darlin’ Rose is a full-service tattoo shop in Los Angeles that creates high-quality tattoos for clients worldwide. Located in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles, nestled between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, our location is the best among the tattoo shops Los Angeles has to offer.

Our artists are experts in the Japanese tattoo style, making waves in the Los Angeles tattoo scene. From Japanese sleeve tattoos to full-body Japanese tattoos in Los Angeles, we have the expertise to create the perfect Japanese tattoos for you.

Our best Japanese-style tattoo artist in Los Angeles will create authentic Japanese traditional patterns with vibrant colors consistent with Japan’s rich culture. We can also customize Japanese tattoo styles to incorporate modern design cues.

Darlin' Rose has a clean, professional, and casual atmosphere for like-minded people to who appreciate tattoo culture and art. We provide the best Japanese tattoo designs to exceed our client's expectations.

Why Get the Best Japanese Tattoo Los Angeles Can Provide


Japanese Tattoo Los Angeles

Japanese tattoos are one of the oldest tattoo styles worldwide. The art of Japanese tattooing can be traced back almost 5,000 years. Japanese tattoos are an expressive folk art with a long and rich history. From serving as a brand for certain troublesome citizens to providing a unique expression and sense of belonging for specific groups, Japanese tattoos have evolved into what we now appreciate and enjoy.

Modern Japanese tattoos are created using modern tattoo machines. However, the subject matter and distinctive lines are firmly rooted in Japanese culture. Motifs may include koi fish, dragons, geishas, samurais, and tigers. Today, motifs may also include contemporary Japanese themes, such as modern Japanese cultural icons, like manga or anime characters.

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Best Japanese Tattoo Los Angeles

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We recommend booking your tattoo session with your favorite artist in Los Angeles in advance to save on waiting time. To confirm their availability, call us at (323) 879-9407 to discuss the details of your request. You may also email us at booking@darlinrosesocialclub.com. If you still don’t have a tattoo artist in mind, please feel free to call us so we can schedule you with a tattoo artist that best matches your tattoo requests.

Frequently Asked Questions


Best Japanese Tattoo Los Angeles

What are the custom Japanese tattoo styles offered in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

If you are looking for the best Japanese tattoo artist Los Angeles has to offer to create the perfect custom-style Japanese tattoo, visit Darlin’ Rose Social club now!

We offer traditional and Japanese tattoo styles that cover the length of the shoulders down to the wrist like a sleeve.

We can also create the same beautiful Japanese traditional tattoo patterns on other parts of your body, such as the chest, neck, and back.

What styles are popular for Japanese tattoo Los Angeles has on offer?

The most popular Japanese tattoo styles in Los Angeles today are traditional patterns, such as koi fish, samurais, dragons, and geishas. However, Japanese cartoon characters also make waves, such as those found in contemporary anime.

Can I choose the colors for the Japanese-style tattoo in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

Yes! We encourage you to discuss your tattoo's concepts, including the colors during every tattoo session. Though specific colors and shades are deeply-rooted in Japanese culture, you may choose other colors that reflect your unique personality and taste.

Does Darlin’ Rose prefer walk-ins to their tattoo shop in Los Angeles to get my Japanese-style tattoos?

Walk-ins are welcome to our Los Angeles tattoo shop. However, to avoid long waits, we recommend you call beforehand to ensure that a tattoo artist is ready to take on your request.

Do you specialize in a specific Japanese tattoo style?

We have one of the best Japanese-style tattoo artists in Los Angeles. They can create a tattoo that adheres to the essential elements that make the Japanese tattoo style exceptional. Though they are well-known for creating Japanese sleeve tattoos, they can create Japanese tattoos that may cover other parts of your body. They may also incorporate modern themes in your Japanese-style tattoos using the same style that is identified with the art.