Flash Tattoos in Los Angeles

Flash Tattoos Los Angeles

Darlin' Rose is a full-service tattoo shop that creates high-quality tattoos for clients worldwide. We are located in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, making us the best location among tattoo shops in Los Angeles. 

Darlin’ Rose provides the broadest range of Flash Tattoos Los Angeles can offer. Select from neo-traditional, traditional American, miniature, fine-line, and all other trending tattoo styles in Los Angeles! 

Our tattoo artists in Los Angeles are constantly building a portfolio of new flash tattoos. So if you are overwhelmed with the idea of designing a tattoo from scratch, we have flash sheets available so that you can select the pre-designed piece that is perfect for you.

Darlin' Rose has a clean, professional, and casual atmosphere for like-minded people to appreciate tattoo culture and art. We provide the best flash tattoo designs that consistently exceed our clients' expectations.

Why Get a Flash Tattoo in Los Angeles?

Flash Tattoos Los Angeles

If you don’t have a tattoo artist in mind to create a custom tattoo for you, or if you are excited to get inked yet haven’t decided on a pattern, don’t worry! Have the best flash tattoo Los Angeles can provide! The Darlin’ Rose Social Club has a broad selection of flash tattoos in our Los Angeles tattoo shop. Our tattoo artists are constantly building on our compilation of the most popular tattoo styles in Los Angeles. With many unique pieces to choose from, it's like having custom tattoos for a fraction of the price!

Book a Tattoo Session With the Best Los Angeles Tattoo Artists Now!

Flash Tattoos Los Angeles

Check out our Instagram page for the latest flash tattoo offerings in Los Angeles. Watch out for discounts and offers on flash tattoos!

We recommend booking your tattoo session with your favorite artist in Los Angeles in advance to save on waiting time. To confirm their availability, call us at (323) 879-9407 to discuss the details of your request. You may also email us at booking@darlinrosesocialclub.com. If you still don’t have a tattoo artist in mind, please feel free to call us so we can schedule you with a tattoo artist that best matches your flash tattoo request.

Frequently Asked Questions


Flash Tattoos Los Angeles


Does your Los Angeles tattoo shop allow us to choose flash tattoos before booking a session?

Yes! You may choose from our broad selection of flash tattoos before visiting us or booking a session. Please email us at booking@darlinrosesocialclub.com to discuss details about your request. Better yet, if you have a tattoo artist in mind, you may book a session online now. 


Does your Los Angeles tattoo shop have a minimum price for flash tattoos?

Yes. We offer minimum prices for flash tattoos that have simple designs. For details, please call us at (323) 879 9407. 

For the best deals, follow us on Instagram to check for promos and discounts for our flash tattoos!


Will my flash tattoo color match those on the flash sheets?

Yes! In the case of flash tattoos, what you see is what you get! Flash tattoos are unlike custom tattoos because they are pre-drawn. The tattoos we will create for you will always match the colors on the flash sheets, guaranteed! 


Does Darlin’ Rose prefer walk-ins to their tattoo shop in Los Angeles to get my flash tattoos?

Walk-ins are welcome in our Los Angeles tattoo shop. However, to avoid long waits, we recommend you call beforehand to ensure that a tattoo artist is ready to take on your request when you arrive.

 However, if you do choose to walk in, you may use the wait times to browse our Los Angeles tattoo shop's vast range of flash tattoos.


Does your tattoo shop provide the latest simple tattoo designs in Los Angeles for your flash tattoos?

Yes! Our tattoo artists stay on top of the latest trends in tattoo designs for men and women. The styles include the latest in simple tattoo designs Los Angeles has en-vogue, such as miniature and the most trending fine-line tattoo styles in Los Angeles!