Is your Los Angeles tattoo shop open on Sundays?

Yes. In order to accommodate clients with a busy weekday schedule, our tattoo shop is open on Sundays. Our operating hours are 12 PM to 9 PM on Sunday through Thursday. Our tattoo shop is open from 12 PM to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday.

Does your Los Angeles tattoo shop take walk-ins?

Yes, our tattoo shop accepts walk-ins. However, we recommend that you call us first and book an appointment to ensure that your favorite artist will be ready for you. For booking, please email us at:

How does getting a tattoo at the Darlin’ Rose Social Club tattoo shop work?

Walk-ins are welcome. However, to ensure a smoother transaction and to avoid lengthy wait times, please follow the procedure below: Call (323) 879-9407 or email us at: We will discuss the specifics of the tattoo you are considering. You can tell us if you have a preferred tatto artist or we can help you find the right match.

Does your tattoo shop provide piercings?

No, the Darlin’ Rose Social Club doesn’t offer body piercing. However, our tattoo artists can provide our clients with a vast range of tattoos they will surely love. Check out our artists’ Instagram accounts to see which artist best suits your taste.

Simple tattoo designs are a trend nowadays, does your tattoo studio offers such designs?

Yes! Our clients appreciate our work on simple tattoo designs for men and women. Our tattoo artists stay on top of the latest trends in tattoo designs for men and women!

Do you do name tattoo designs?

Yes! Our artists can use any name to create a custom name tattoo that will be unique to you.

How should I prepare for my visit to your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

Whether you are coming in for a simple or complicated tattoo design, we recommend that you take the following precautions to make your appointment go as smoothly as possible: Don’t consume alcohol, coffee, or energy drinks for at least a one day before your appointment. Make sure you are well-rested and on a full stomach before you arrive for your appointment. Do not take any pain medication. We also strictly prohibit you from applying numbing creams, gels, or any lotion on the tattoo area on the day of your appointment.

Should I take a bath right after I get a new tattoo?

No. Avoid soaking in water for two to three weeks after getting a new tattoo. Instead, opt for a warm gentle shower. Use only fragrance-free soap during this period.

Do you have a specific price range for complicated tattoo designs?

Tattoos are highly personalized works of art. The price of the tattoo varies depending on the size, complexity, and other factors. You may ask the artist about their rate and get a quote for the specific work you are looking to get done.

Does your Los Angeles tattoo shop offer a specific minimum price?

Yes. For our tattoo shop minimum price for simple designs, please call us at (323) 879 9407 or contact us with any questions.

Does your tattoo studio offer Darlin’ Rose Social Club merch?

Yes! You can be a part of the Darlin’ Rose Social Club family by purchasing threads including shirts, hoodies, shorts, and more! For merchandise items, please visit our Big Cartel page! You can also access our catalog on this page: Products.

Does your tattoo studio have a return or refund policy for your merchandise items?

Yes, Darlin’ Rose Social Club has a Return and Refund Policy for all the merchandise items we sell through our site. Please contact us if you notice any issue with our products or anything else in your order. To access the details of our return and refund policy, visit this page.

Do you ship merchandise items overseas?

We can’t ship overseas at this time unless you are an overseas-based U.S. military personnel. In that case, we can send it directly to your base. We can also ship to residents based on a U.S. trust territory such as Guam or the Northern Marianas.

Is the shipping price more expensive for orders outside California?

We offer free shipping for all our merchandise products wherever you are in the U.S.! We also cover the shipping costs for orders from overseas-based U.S. military personnel and residents of U.S. trust territories.

Do you specialize in a specific tattoo style?

The Darlin' Rose Social Club Tattoo in Los Angeles is renowned for many tattoo styles, including the neo-traditional tattoo styles we create. Each of our artists has their own specialized tattoo styles, from neo-traditional and American traditional tattoo styles to blackwork tattoos and Japanese tattoo styles. All of which are popular in Los Angeles.

When can I drink alcohol before and after getting a tattoo?

Getting tattoos involves piercing the skin, so you shouldn't drink alcohol immediately before and after getting a tattoo. Your blood will be thinner when you drink alcohol, making it harder to get the tattoo ink into your skin. Instead, we recommend you don't consume alcohol for 24 hours before or after getting a tattoo.

Do you provide flash tattoos in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

Yes! We have a wide variety of flash tattoos for you to select.

What are the custom Japanese tattoo styles in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

We specialize in custom Japanese tattoo sleeves. These traditional Japanese tattoos cover the length of the shoulders down to the wrist like a sleeve. The same intricate Japanese tattoo patterns can be created elsewhere on the body, such as on the chest and the back.

If I have a specific tattoo in mind can you design one especially for me?

Yes! We prefer to do custom Tattoos! Once we create your custom artwork we do not tattoo it on anyone else. If you dream it, we draw it! If you have a tattoo style in mind, you can call us to discuss what you would like. We always work closely with our clients to ensure they get their ideal Tattoo! You can read our reviews for examples of cases where we were able to satisfy our clients with the custom designs and artwork we created for them.

Do your tattoo artists provide fine-line tattoos in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

Yes. Our artists, and sometimes guest artists, can create fine-line tattoos for you. If you would like an artist that specializes in fine-line tattoos, you may book a tattoo session now. If you don’t have a particular artist from our Los Angeles tattoo shop in mind, please call (323) 879-9407 to be matched with an artist who does fine-line tattoos.

Do your tattoo artists provide tattoo aftercare advice after my tattoo session?

Yes. Our Los Angeles tattoo artists will provide aftercare instructions. Additionally, please feel free to ask our tattoo artists any questions you may have before or during your session. They have a great deal of knowledge in the art of tattooing and will be glad to answer any questions you may have about aftercare or any part of the tattoo process.

Can I bring in children to your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

Yes! Our tattoo shop is child-safe. However, it is important that you have someone to attend to your child when you have your tattoo session. For details on the safety of your companions, especially children, you may call us at (323) 879-9407 to ask us more specific questions.

What is the American traditional style of tattoo in Los Angeles, and do you offer this tattoo style in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

At Darlin’ Rose Social, we take pride in creating both American traditional and neo-traditional styles in our tattoo studios. The traditional American style of tattoos in Los Angeles is what you may consider the “old-school” tattoo style that sailors used to wear to show their travels and the cultures they picked up. The solid lines and the lack of shading that this style is known for differ from modern tattoo styles as they reflect the skill and the capabilities of tattoo machines in past decades. Our skilled artists can flawlessly recreate traditional American-style tattoos for nostalgic enthusiasts using the state-of-the-art equipment, supplies, and techniques of today. Visit our Instagram page to see some of our creations.

Do you accommodate vegan clients by providing cruelty-free tattoo inks and aftercare products?

Yes! We encourage our customers to ask our tattoo artists about the products and equipment they use, including vegan inks. We understand that many enthusiasts embrace the vegan lifestyle. We also accommodate their preferences by providing cruelty-free products for creating tattoos.

Can any artist create fine-line tattoos in Los Angeles?

No. Fine-line tattoos are in a class of their own. Specialized needles and specific techniques are used for creating the intricate and detailed patterns in fine-line tattoos. Many tattoo artists may claim they can create fine-line tattoos. However, it is best to check their portfolio for completed examples of their work before proceeding. At Darlin’ Rose Social Club, we have tattoo artists that specialize in creating fine-line tattoos. Call us to arrange an appointment with a fine-line tattoo artist.

Do fine-line tattoos cost less than neo-traditional tattoos in Los Angeles?

Many factors go into how much tattoos cost. However, for the same size, yes, fine-line tattoos may cost less than neo-traditional tattoos in our Los Angeles tattoo shop. The reason is that it typically takes less time to complete fine-line tattoos. However, the price may still vary between fine-line tattoo patterns, depending on the complexity of the design.

How many hours do tattoo sessions take, for instance, for fine-line tattoos in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

Fine-line tattoos can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour for smaller pieces. However, larger patterns may take between 1 to 2 hours to complete. Larger and more intricate tattoos, especially sleeve and chest tattoos, may take several visits to complete.

Do fine-line tattoos require specific aftercare to ensure that they last?

Yes. We recommend that you discuss the specifics of aftercare with your tattoo artists for your fine-line tattoos. Because of their thin lines, fine-line tattoos may fade sooner than other tattoo styles with thicker lines, such as neo-traditional ones. To ensure that fine-line tattoos last longer, it is crucial that you follow proper aftercare instructions, especially when these are newly created.

Do flash tattoos cost less than fine-line or miniature tattoo styles in Los Angeles?

Yes! Flash tattoos present an affordable option for tattoo enthusiasts. Unlike custom tattoos, flash tattoo patterns are already available, saving tattoo artists time to conceive the design you want.

Do you sell ready-made patterns for flash tattoos in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

Yes. Aside from creating tattoos for our clients, we also offer flash tattoo templates in our Los Angeles tattoo shop. You may also check online through Instagram for our flash tattoo sales!

Are older methods, such as larger needles and older machines, used for creating American traditional tattoos in your Los Angeles tattoo shop?

The methods and tools depend on the individual artists. Traditional American tattoos have thicker lines and more saturated colors, but our tattoo artists use the latest machines and inks to create this revered art form.

How does your Los Angeles tattoo shop handle customer consultations for new tattoos?

Whether for new or old clients, you have several options when it comes to consultations for new tattoos: If you have a tattoo artist in Los Angeles in mind, you may book an appointment. You may email us at You may also contact our shop by calling us at (323) 879-9407 if you haven’t decided on the tattoo artist. You may also walk into our tattoo shop in Los Angeles to talk to us directly.

Does the shop have a portfolio of the artists’ work available for viewing?

Yes. To see the work of our tattoo artists in Los Angeles, you may visit our Artists page. You may also visit our Instagram account to see our artists’ work.

Is the process of getting a Japanese tattoo different from getting a tattoo in other styles?

The style of Japanese tattoo in Los Angeles is another form of a neo-traditional tattoo. This means that they are created using the same methods used for neo-traditional tattoos. The themes for the Japanese tattoos in Los Angeles are also similar to traditional Japanese tattoos, such as koi fish, cherry blossoms, and other traditional Japanese imagery.