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Ezra Ellis

Thank you guys so much you did such an amazing job. Seriously from beginning to end I was impressed with what Taylor did to my original idea to make it come to life. Obviously very experienced and knows how to handle any type of person and most tattoo styles. Jesse and Ted were awesome to it really helped me out with the direction of my tattoo and after care instructions. The tattoo actually came out better than I expected. I’m definitely going back for some more beautiful thank you guys so much and a special shout out to Taylor for the sick Tattoo! 🤘🤘




Customer Review

Renny Engbring

I met Jesse Showalter just over a year ago and he has done several tattoos for me since. Rarely do you meet someone as warm, friendly, welcoming, un-intimidating and easy to talk to in his field of work. Jesse is super talented and makes it look effortless. He is accommodating, flexible, supportive and willing to help you achieve your vision. His attention to detail is astounding. He's an all-around incredible human being, fun to chat with, and a pleasure to be around. Hit up Jesse for your next tattoo :)


Customer Review

Shane McGowan

I love Darlin Rose Social Club. I have had only positive experiences getting tattoos here. I have 7 so far, 5 I’ve gotten there and the other two reworked at this location. I have another appointment on December 28th. I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you guys for lovely tattoos and for being so hospitable! 🖤

Tattoo shop in Los AngelesTattoo shop in Los Angeles



Customer Review

Luke Sullivan

I had a wonderful experience with Darlin Rose. Good tattoos fir a good price and the location is dope! I really like the vibe there and the artist are all very professional. My tattoo healed beautifully and I am very happy with the lines and the touch that was added by the artist Jesse. Thank you guys



Customer Review

J Castillo

 I called about a question for shop minimum. Taylor answered and didn't immediately hang up on me after answering (as orhers had)...instead he asked me what I was looking for and told me to call back closer to when I'd be at the shop to make sure they had an artist for me. I called back and Taylor was ready to help. I made my way over and another artist greeted me and was ready to help! Taylor recognized I was the one who had called and helped me from beginning to end. I am one of those people who feeds off energy and boy did Taylor have the right energy. He worked with my random idea as well as my overall concept! He did not judge and sat with me as we sorted through fonts. I cannot wait to work with him for my future ideas/random ideas. Thank you!


Customer Review

Simon Hardt

 A lot of patience and care was put into the custom artwork that Taylor created for me. He was easy to work with and made sure I was 100% happy with the details before he transferred it to skin. I couldn’t be happier with his talent, friendliness, and professionalism. Most importantly is that he really cares about what you want. He’s got a top-notch team, and a killer shop in a nice area. I can’t wait to go back for more!


Customer Review

Jasmine Bush

I came in on June 12 to get a piece done. Blue did an amazing job!!!!Omygosh I’m still stoked! He’s super friendly. Rating 10/10!!!!!



Customer Review

Savannah Barrier

Santos is amazing, I love the way he really focuses on detail and makes you feel comfortable in any setting. And when you struggle with explaining, he still understands what you’re looking for. He’s the best artist I could ask for! Highly highly recommend

Customer Review

Nicole G.

Had a friend create a tattoo for me and have been sitting on it for almost a year until I was connected with Jesse.  Absolutely
OBSESSED with how it turned out. The line work is beautiful. Talked things through with Jesse and he was very accommodating and took his time with size and placement.
And he really took his time
with inking the piece, which I really appreciate because it means a lot to me. Highly recommend Jesse and will definitely be coming back for future ink :)

As for the tattoo shop itself, very clean and fun vibes. Music playlist they had going was rad. Overall great environment to get inked.   

 Customer Review

Brian R.

I wanted a simple tattoo, five ASCII spaceships from my favorite game. In talking to the folks via email, they said they could easily do it, so I got on the books.

Once I arrived they went through several iterations until we found the right size. They also explained how the tattoo might change over the years given its small size. The entire thing took maybe 20-30 minutes and it looks wonderful. I am just so happy.

I have at least one more tattoo planned and I definitely plan to get it here. Thank you, Anthony and Taylor!




Customer Review

Sohrab f.

Taylor did an amazing job with a couple of pieces I got done in one session. They are 4 very different pieces and he was able to deliver the character of each design unique to its own. From a smaller realist piece to a thin line and Kanji writing.
He is super quick and doesn't waste time which is great given we were on an hourly rate.
Recovery is going well and I am excited to see how they turn out in the coming weeks!
Non of the fad and frills of most shops in LA. Feels old school with a versatile approach to design.



Customer Review

Orlando I

I came two weeks ago for a memorial piece... Taylor hooked it up, down to earth guys at the shop, worked with me to get exactly what I was looking for... liked them so much booked an additional appointment to finish my sleeve

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is your Los Angeles tattoo shop open on Sundays?

  • Yes. In order to accommodate clients with a busy weekday schedule, our tattoo shop is open on Sundays.
  • Our operating hours are 12 PM to 9 PM on Sunday through Thursday. Our tattoo shop is open from 12 PM to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday.

Does your Los Angeles tattoo shop take walk-ins?

  • Yes, our tattoo shop accepts walk-ins.
  • However, we recommend that you call us first and book an appointment to ensure that your favorite artist will be ready for you.
  • For booking, please email us at:

How does getting a tattoo at the Darlin’ Rose Social Club tattoo shop work?

  • Walk-ins are welcome. However, to ensure a smoother transaction and to avoid lengthy wait times, please follow the procedure below:
  • Call (323) 879-9407 or email us at:
  • We will discuss the specifics of the tattoo you are considering. You can tell us if you have a preferred tattoo artist or we can help you find the right match.

Do you have a specific price range for complicated tattoo designs?

  • Tattoos are highly personalized works of art. The price of the tattoo varies depending on the size, complexity, and other factors.
  • You may ask the artist about their rate and get a quote for the specific work you are looking to get done.

Does your Los Angeles tattoo shop offer a specific minimum price?

  • Yes. For our tattoo shop's minimum price for simple designs, please call us at (323) 879 9407 or contact us with any questions.