American Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

American Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

Old School Is Still Cool!

The popularity of American traditional tattoos persists well into this century because of their charm and heritage. Traditional American tattoos have a unique charm with solid black outlines and saturated colors. Even with advancements in tattoo machine technology, more precise needles, and wide varieties of the safest and highest quality tattoo inks, traditional American tattoos are still very much sought-after in our Los Angeles tattoo shop.

Newer styles, such as neo-traditional tattoos, and flash tattoos owe their existence to the traditional American tattoo style.

What Makes American Traditional Tattoos Exceptional?

American Traditional Tattoos in Los Angeles

Though traditional American tattoos are known as being 2-dimensional, they are still challenging to create. There are rigid rules surrounding how these works of art are composed. At Darlin' Rose Social Club, all of our artists are practitioners of this beautiful piece of American culture.

These are just a few of the reasons why traditional American tattoos are exceptional:

  1. American traditional tattoos are versatile. Though traditional American tattoos are known for their nautical and patriotic themes, they have been adapted to take on contemporary subjects, such as cartoon characters and pop culture themes.
  2. Traditional American tattoos are often seen as a form of cultural heritage and a connection to the community and country's history and culture. In Los Angeles, we also celebrate our rich cultural heritage through traditional American tattoos with Asian and Hispanic themes.
  3. American traditional tattoos are a testament to the enduring power of tattoos as an art form. Though the popularity of many tattoo styles rises and falls, traditional American tattoos persist.
  4. Traditional American tattoos and their old-school style continue attracting fans from all walks of life.

American Traditional Tattoo Styles Offered 

Our Los Angeles tattoo shop offers a wide variety of traditional tattoos, ranging from the oldest styles to themes inspired by contemporary pop culture.

American Traditional Lettering Tattoos


American Traditional Lettering Tattoos in Los Angeles

American traditional lettering tattoos require following several rules. Most importantly, they should look clean and simulate the strokes of hand-written words. Their block style and characteristic serifs distinguish them from other letter styles for tattoos.

Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos in Los Angeles

People get tattoos of animals to symbolize the inherent characteristics of the recipient. Enthusiasts may also get tattoos of animals because of their admiration for these creatures. Modern versions take on rich contemporary pop culture references.

Portrait Tattoos

Los Angeles Portrait Tattoos

Whether portrait tattoos are made to look like a loved one, a celebrity, or an impression of a person drawn in an old traditional style, portrait tattoos are trendy. Though these portraits don't have to be realistic, these tattoos should have a certain vintage charm.

Flower Tattoos

Los Angeles Flower Tattoos

The saturated colors used for traditional American tattoos are perfect for creating flower tattoos. Though popular among women, flower tattoos drawn in the traditional American style is a theme fit for everyone.

Ship and Nautical-Themed Tattoos

Los Angels Ship and Nautical-Themed Tattoos

These types of traditional American tattoos are a homage to the heritage of this skin art. Though modern versions tend to have more depth and feel, the fundamental elements of traditional American tattoos, such as solid black outlines and saturated colors, persist.

For traditional tattoos from one of the best tattoo shops in Los Angeles, Call Darlin' Rose! We have tattoo artists with decades of combined experience creating traditional American tattoos in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on keeping true to the hallmarks that make traditional American tattoos a strong part of our community's heritage. To learn more about American traditional tattoos in our Los Angeles tattoo shop, call us at 323.879.9407. You may book an appointment with our tattoo artist. We also accept walk-ins in our Los Angeles tattoo shop.