Top 12 Trends for Tattoo Styles in Los Angeles for 2022

Top 12 Trends for Tattoo Styles in Los Angeles for 2022

Aug 04 , 2022

Ted Hemberger

Tattoos are the ultimate form of artistic self-expression. With the body as a canvass, tattoos give people the opportunity to show outwardly who they are on the inside. As experts in the craft, we have curated a list of the top tattoo trends that clients in our Los Angeles tattoo shop requested this year. We have also included some tattoo styles that are increasing in popularity each year. Here is a compilation of the trending tattoo styles as we've done recently for our satisfied clients in Los Angeles.

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Neo-Asian Style Tattoo 

Neo-traditional tattoos, as their name suggests, are a new take on traditional tattoos. By employing design ques and choice of colors from avante-garde art, neo-traditional tattoos give a richer and more sumptuous aesthetic than traditional tattoos. The themes are varied and more unrestricted than traditional tattoos, from flowers to portraits, animals, and even contemporary artwork, distinguished by clean black lines, attention to detail, with a bright and saturated color scheme.

Top 12 Trends for Tattoo Styles in Los Angeles for 2022


Neo-Asian tattoo provides the best of both worlds, the rich history of Asian traditional tattooing with a modern twist. Combining traditional Asian designs with the latest ink, tattooing techniques, and shading techniques Neo-Asian style tattoos provide bold statements that are unique, exotic, and true works of art.

Script Tattoos

Script Tattoos Los Angeles 

Whether it is a name of a loved one or a powerful quote or motto, script tattoos are both very personal and a statement to the world.  From larger names and verses in the 1990s and early 2000s to smaller more delicate designs more recently, script tattoos have evolved by combining with other styles to enhance the power of the words and make them stand out. This style now has depth and, at times, colors to add impact to what people want to say.  

Fine-Line Tattoos

Fine-Line Tattoos

Fine line tattoos, with their distinct curved lines and patterns, can provide great detail without the use of color. The artist creates shades and depth by adjusting the spacing of the lines. Though fine line tattoos are low-key, they can be visually stunning and provide a unique form of expression. With the technology, specific round liner needles, and high-quality inks in our tattoo shop, we can execute the perfect fine line tattoos for you.

Tiny Tattoos

Tiny Tattoos 

Though understated, tiny tattoos require considerable skill to pull off. Though often hidden from view, these types of tattoos can be very expressive for only using a few square inches of skin. These types of tattoos use the same inks and needles used for fine line tattooing and are usually executed by the same artists. With a keen eye for detail, these are subtle but powerful expressions through skin art.

Knife Tattoo

Knife Tattoo,  Los Angeles Tattoo Shop

An emerging tattoo style trend in Los Angeles, as well as across the country, is using the shape of knives as frames for various styles and subject matters. Whether it is a portrait or a statement design, the image of knives is visually striking even if the most usual color choices are muted or gray and black.

Black and Gray Realism

Black and Gray Realism

With precise skill, a selection of fine needles, and the highest quality tattoo inks, tattoo artists at Darlin Rose Social club can execute even the most delicate and realistic black and gray tattoos for you. Gray wash techniques have since advanced, making black and gray realism closer to photo-quality images. Edgy and expressive, black and gray realistic tattoos will be a popular choice of expression through skin art indefinitely.

Traditional Tattoos

 Traditional Tattoos, Los Angeles Tattoo Shop

Despite the rise of neo-traditional tattoos and newer styles, the traditional American tattoo is here to stay. "Old School" is one way to identify this unique style in American culture. With more straightforward designs and minimal shades, these types of tattoos age better than most tattoo types. Don't let the bold black lines and simple design give you the impression that they are easy to do because they are not. It takes a skilled artist to pull off a perfect traditional American skin art that captures the spirit of Americana. 

Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork Tattoos, Tattoo Shop In Los Angeles

Distinct from black and gray realism because of the lack of gray wash and shades, blackwork tattoos employ only black inks to create striking tattoos with various themes. One common subgenre of blackwork is the tribal tattoo. In fact, the origins of blackwork tattooing can be traced to ancient tribal tattooing. Blackwork tattooing has since taken on styles and techniques acquired through history, such as Spanish blackwork, which has designs akin to tightly twisted silk threads. Now, tattoo artists have personal approaches to creating blackwork styling to express any design or concept.

Tribal Tattoos

 Tribal Tattoos Los Angeles

Tribal tattoos are a modern take on ancient tattoo styles used by the Polynesian artists who influenced them. With symbols imbued with hidden meaning, these are intricate and sophisticated ways of expressing through skin art. Whether you want to be closer to your own culture or appreciate the unique and strong aesthetic of these ancient patterns, tribal tattoos will be a mainstay of the tattoo industry.

Animal Tattoos

Animal Tattoos Los Angeles

Many of us are drawn to a specific animal for the qualities that they possess.  Whether you relate to them or want to emulate them, the animal you choose can tell the world a lot about who you are.  Each animal has a deeply symbolic meaning, from wild animals to mythical creatures. Once we discover it, having a tattoo of that animal eternalizes those characteristics through skin art. Animal tattoos can come in many styles and use a variety of techniques from black and gray realism to fine line tattoos. However, the traditional American style with bold lines and saturated colors is the most popular method.

Full Chest Tattoos

Full Chest Tattoos Los Angeles

A chest piece is one of the boldest ways you express yourself through skin art. With a broad canvass, a chest piece can make a statement or let the world know what symbols you hold close to the heart. Though a chest piece adopts various tattoo styles, and is very often a collection of tattoos in different types accumulated over the years, the most popular are either the traditional or the neo-traditional tattoo styles. Tribal styles and blackwork are also popular styles for chest tattoos.


Tattoo styles are evolving and giving people new ways of expressing themselves, enabled by technological advances in tattoo equipment and higher quality inks. Though traditional and neo-traditional tattoos remain popular, the intricate designs found in fine line, tiny, and black work tattoos and emerging tattoo styles such as finely detailed delicate art motifs are beginning to trend. As expert practitioners of their craft, tattoo artists also get better at their craft while adapting styles that appeal to a broader audience. For the latest tattoo styles in Los Angeles, you can visit our Instagram page to check out the fantastic work we have done for our clients.

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