Things You Need To Ask Your Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles Before a Session

Things You Need To Ask Your Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles Before a Session

Dec 21 , 2022

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You finally decided to get your tattoo in Los Angeles. Whether you arrive in our tattoo shop in Los Angeles as a walk-in customer or if you booked an appointment for your tattoo session ahead of time, there may be some things in your mind you want to ask your tattoo artist. Tattoos are permanent works of art that you will carry with you for a lifetime. That is why whether it is your first time getting a tattoo or you already have a little ink on you, asking the right questions will ensure that you have a great experience and optimal results. As responsible tattoo artists in Los Angeles, we recommend you ask these questions to different tattoo artists before making a final decision and booking a session. The last thing you want is to settle for something that won't satisfy you in the end.

Tattoo Artists Understand That You Don't Know As Much About Tattooing as They Do

Good tattoo artists generally provide essential information without the client asking. They may also ask specific questions, such as if you have a history of adverse reactions to certain inks or if you are a vegan, to help them adjust accordingly. Tattoos, especially for complex designs, will take time. As people with creative personalities, tattoo artists work according to their own schedules. You and your tattoo artist will be working together for many hours, so it is important to choose an artist with whom you make a connection and that makes you feel comfortable. 

Three Things You Need to Settle Before Having a Conversation with a Tattoo Artist:

Before starting your communication with tattoo artists, there are several things you need to settle:

  • Decide which part of the body you want your tattoo on:

The most critical aspect of tattooing is knowing which part of your body you want tattooed. This is also important when determining what style or design you would want. 

  • Determine the idea for your tattoo design:

It is helpful to provide your artist with an idea and meaning behind the tattoo you want created. Knowing what you have in mind will help narrow down the style for your tattoo and help in the process of selecting an artist that is an expert in the tattoo style that you are looking for. 

  • Review your tattoo artist's work:

Whether or not you have an artist in mind, it is best to check out the work of different artists. This will help you determine which artist can make your vision a reality. Artists and tattoo studios typically post photos of their work. Once you have a tattoo style in mind, make a shortlist of possible artists and tattoo shops in Los Angeles that have expertise in that style.

The Best Questions To Ask Your Artist Before a Session


Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

Now that you settled on the essential items, such as the design, the artist, and the part of the body you want your tattoo to be, here are several questions to ensure that you have all the details you need to make your tattoo experience optimal. 





  • Ask About Pricing and Terms of Payment

After tattoo styles, the most critical question to ask before an appointment is the cost per piece. The cost is influenced by many factors including the scale and complexity of the design you select. The artist typically calculates the fee according to the tattoo's size, color, detail, and location. These details affect how many hours or the number of sessions they will need to complete their work. The way artists charge varies. Certain tattoo styles, such as flash tattoos in Los Angeles, have a fixed price, while other artists charge an hourly rate regardless of the style. The cost is a vital factor for everyone. Therefore, to know how much your tattoo will cost you, you need to have a basic idea of the design, size, and location of your tattoo before asking for a quote.

The next step is determining the payment terms. Certain artists and tattoo shops only accept cash as payment. On the other hand, some shops have policies, such as placing a deposit or sharing your credit card number when securing a booking. Lastly, it is crucial to understand the shop's cancellation policy in case you change your mind.

  • Ask for Their Social Media Feeds


Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

Instagram is a popular social media platform for tattoo artists. Posts on Instagram capture their work best and are a vital marketing tool for tattoo shops and individual artists. Viewing their Instagram posts gives you a solid idea of whether or not an artist can create the design you want. Moreover, artists may have saved stories or have something on their feed that answers possible questions, such as how they go about their design process, the designs themselves, or if they can design tattoos on specific body parts. 

  • Ask for Further Details About Their Designs

Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

Tattoo designs may be as unique as the client. To ensure you will be satisfied with the results, it is best if you discuss further details with the artist you select. For instance, if a three-inch neo-traditional tattoo on your shoulder is what you want, the artist may oblige. On the other hand, some artists may recommend the size of the tattoo that would suit you best. Discussing the details of the design is also necessary to hit the right notes on shading and colors that may suit the design better than your original idea.

  • Ask About Their Tattooing Process

Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

The process is straightforward if you select a flash tattoo in Los Angeles. On the other hand, for custom designs, such as Japanese sleeve tattoos in Los Angeles or certain neo-traditional designs, artists' approaches vary. Some artists may use stencils for the primary part of the design and sketch backgrounds and finer details freehand later on. In the case of a full cover-up, you may need to be upfront about it and send pictures of similar work before your appointment. For larger-scale tattoos, artists opt for an in-person consult to ensure you get the perfect tattoo for you.

  • Ask About Aftercare and Hygiene

Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

The tattoo process involves needles repeatedly poking your skin. To avoid potential risks, hygiene and aftercare must be approached carefully. Look for reviews and ask for recommendations to make sure the tattoo shop you are choosing doesn't have safety issues. Tattoo artists are typically careful about ensuring that their equipment is sterilized. Before your artist begins, make sure that they are using new needles fresh from their packaging. Tattoo artists typically explain their setup to ensure peace of mind. You may ask about the types of inks they use. If you have allergies, inform your tattoo artists about them before starting. Aftercare advice is also crucial because the quality of your tattoo also depends on how you care for it after each session. Issues such as taking a shower immediately, drinking alcohol within 24 hours of a session, or exposing your fresh tattoos to direct sunlight will affect the quality of your tattoos.

  • Additional Questions You May Need to Ask


Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

Aside from the five primary questions, there are specific questions a particular client may need to ask. For instance, will you need to bring an ID for each session? Can you drop by for a session with your child? Is it OK to proceed with tattooing when you have your period? A qualified tattoo artist will ensure your comfort by answering any and all questions you may have.




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