Do's and Don'ts for Customers in Los Angeles Tattoo Shops

Do's and Don'ts for Customers in Los Angeles Tattoo Shops

Mar 10 , 2023

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We love our customers! We love everyone who shares the culture of tattoos, especially those who drop by our tattoo shop, whether they are having their tattoos done or are just accompanying someone. To many people, the culture we create together makes our Los Angeles tattoo shop truly special. However, as much as we want to make everyone feel free to express themselves in the refreshing and liberating atmosphere that Darlin' Rose Social Club creates, there are specific rules that everyone should follow. By doing so, our artists, tattoo shop employees, and customers can help each other create the perfect atmosphere that helps create the ideal tattoos.

Do's in Los Angeles Tattoo Shops

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Our customers demand the perfect tattoos. In return, our artists will need the ideal setting to help you produce the perfect artwork you desire. To do so, here are the do's that will help everyone to ensure that our tattoo shops are the ideal place for creating tattoos:

Do #1: Come Prepared

Though getting tattoos is a liberating experience for many of us, the process can be long and painful. To limit the pain and discomfort during the session and ensure that your skin can take the tattoo well, do come prepared during sessions. Come to your session with a full stomach and prevent drinking alcohol within twenty-four hours of your tattoo sessions. Dress in comfortable clothes appropriate for your tattoos to ensure it will be easier for your artist to do their work. Tattoo sessions may take hours, so bringing items like your headphones will help you stave off discomfort from being in the same position for a while.

Do #2: Take Time To Select Your Artist

Artists are creative individuals who have unique ways of approaching their craft. Especially for custom tattoos, finding the perfect tattoo artist is crucial. Though all our artists can create a vast range of tattoo styles, check their portfolios on our Instagram page or from other sources to ensure that the tattoo style you want is a good match for the work the artist specializes in creating. 

Do #3: Communication Is Important

Your artist is a consummate professional. They know their trade well and will ensure you have the best tattoo experience possible. Now that you have seen what they can do from their portfolio, put your trust in the advice that they provide you. They will share tips and advice to ensure they make the magic possible and make your tattoo last for the longest time possible. They might offer suggestions, such as using certain inks or specific style adjustments, among others, to ensure your tattoos are created in the best way possible. We also value your input, so it is helpful to let the artist know your concerns about your tattoo, especially placement, size, and design, before it is too late.

Do #4: Tip The Artist

One of our primary motivations is to provide you with the best tattoos possible. To show your appreciation, tip your artist. Though seeing you satisfied keeps us happy in creating beautiful skin art, a tip will always be helpful.

Do #5: Follow Aftercare Instructions

Especially for first-timers, being informed about tattoo aftercare details is crucial to making your tattoos last longer. Moreover, tattoo aftercare is also essential to prevent possible side effects after hours of getting your skin pierced. Our artists will share aftercare tips, especially for more complicated and larger tattoo pieces.

Don'ts in Los Angeles Tattoo Shops


Los Angeles Tattoo Shops

As much as we, and our community, want to make our Los Angeles tattoo shop comfortable for everyone, there are specific rules to ensure that you do your part in helping to create a perfect atmosphere. We did offer advice about coming prepared, not arriving intoxicated, or having taken alcohol within hours of getting a tattoo, which is best for you, your tattoo, as well as for everyone in the tattoo shop. To keep everyone safe and comfortable, here are several don'ts that we expect everyone to follow:

Don't #1: Asking Us To Copy Previous Work

Our artists pride themselves in their work. Copying is not seen in the community as a complement. Moreover, seeing another person wearing the same tattoo would be awkward. Do show previous work as an inspiration for your custom tattoo. Let your artist create a unique piece of skin art you can call your own.

Don't #2: Bringing Unnecessary Companions

Bringing a friend, or a loved one, to help you through your experience is important. They can ease your nerves or help you run errands if you forget to bring something. However, inviting too many friends can cause a distraction in tattoo shops. Bringing a toddler or your pet will not help create the ideal atmosphere in our tattoo shops either.

Don't #3: Rescheduling or Canceling at the Last Minute

Do consider that artists prepare their schedules for you once you book a session. This means some other customers had to adjust their schedule to accommodate yours. Preventing last-minute changes is a huge sign of respect for everyone in the community. Always consider clearing up your schedule to ensure that you will arrive on time and not rush the work that may take hours. 

Don't #4: Expecting Your Tattoos To Look The Same After They Heal

The colors that pop out in tattoos seen on social media feeds are from fresh tattoos. After tattoos heal, changes in the skin mean there will be slight changes in how your tattoos appear, even if the most vibrant ink choices and the darkest outlines are used. Though following tattoo care instructions and finding the ideal tattoo style that ages well can be helpful, do expect time and your body to make slight changes to your tattoo.

Don't #5: Relying on Non-Professionals for Advice

Only trust professionals to offer advice about your tattoos. No one else knows more about how tattoos look best on your skin, how to make them last, and all the nuances of your tattoo. Your friend may offer well-meaning advice on placements, color selection, or what tattoos look good on you. However, do rely on your artists to advise on everything about your tattoo. You will, after all, carry their work with you forever.

Conclusion: Lets Create a Perfect Tattoo Community Together!

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Following these do 's and don'ts are the best way to do your part in ensuring that we can always maintain the vibe and joy our community enjoys. Let us stress that we encourage the freedom to communicate by sharing your thoughts, vision, and character to ensure that we will give you the perfect tattoo and the perfect experience that goes with it. We welcome everyone to enjoy the experience. Visit our tattoo shop and get to know the Darlin' Rose Social Club community! To learn more about our Los Angeles tattoo shop, our artists, and the styles we specialize in, or to book a session, call us at (323) 879 9407 or visit our contact page.