Darlin' Rose Halloween special!

Darlin' Rose Halloween special!

Oct 17 , 2022

Ted Hemberger

Thats right! Its that time of the year when we get to celebrate all the monsters and the season we love so much!  Darlin Rose brings you our first  annual Halloween  tattoo flash special!


We have a whole bunch of fun designs in the motif of not only Halloween but also Day Of The Dead . One or two days wont cut it if we base it on all of our previous specials. Now you don't have to wait in Line for hours on end. We have extended the special all weekend long from the dates of  Thursday- Oct. 27th all the way to Wednesday Nov. 3rd.   Heads up! it may be extended but keep in mind it"ll still be very busy all week long so if you'd like to make sure you grab your new spooky tattoo, let us know ahead of time so we can make sure your'e taken care of quickly when you can make it.  Check out our Instagram to view all the pages of characters and creepy themes we have available, You'll probably want to collect a couple for the price! 



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